PilgrimReservations.com Review Guidelines

Traveler review guidelines

All reviews posted on the PilgrimReservations.com website are individual, subjective opinions. The opinions expressed are those of PilgrimReservations.com members and not of PilgrimReservations.com or its affiliates. We do not endorse nor are we affiliated with any establishment or travel service provider listed or reviewed on this web site. PilgrimReservations.com reserves the right to remove a review for any reason.

All traveler reviews must follow PilgrimReservations.com's guidelines. We will not publish a review unless it is:

No profanity, threats, prejudiced comments, hate speech or other non-family-friendly content. No graphic reports of violent criminal activity or participation in crime-related activity.

No repeated reviews of the same subject by the same reviewer are permitted.

No quoted material from other sources, including material published elsewhere, or from other travel review sites. Reviews may not contain copyrighted material owned by third parties, nor may they violate our terms and conditions regarding copyrights.

No reviews written by owners or management of the reviewed establishment. No reviews written by current or past employees. No second-hand opinions, hearsay, rumors, or quotations from sources other than the person writing the review. Reviews must not be written based on any incentive, discount, or compensation offered by the subject of the review. Properties found to be offering such incentives may be removed from the PilgrimReservations.com website without notice.

Relevant and Appropriate information for Travelers
No personally insulting language or descriptions, no slander or smear campaigns, and no content that is irrelevant to tourists.

No promotional material of any kind, including website URLs, email addresses, or phone contacts, may be included in travel reviews. We reserve the right to reject any URL for any reason.

All reviews must be written by a PilgrimReservations.com member over the age of 13.

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