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You don't need a website. Simply use the links provided on this page to reserve accommodation for your customers. Or, send the links to your customers. They can book directly on our website. We track every reservation and send you 25% of the booking commissions you generate. All we need to track your activity is your email address.
Step 1:  To find hotels to present to your customers, select the location here:


Step 2 (Optional):  Enter your email address, so we can track your bookings. Your email address will be added to the links below. Send the links to your customers, or use them to make your own reservations. We will track any reservations made, and send you a monthly report with details of your earnings. We pay you 25% of all booking commissions generated by these customized links.

Popular Places:
Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Hotel Casa del Parque   Rates from 70 USD
User Rating:  4.3   (Read 51 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Hotel+Casa+del+Parque&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Hotel Casa Antigua   Rates from 56 USD
User Rating:  4.3   (Read 96 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Hotel+Casa+Antigua&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Hotel Convento Santa Catalina   Rates from 62 USD
User Rating:  4.5   (Read 16 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Hotel+Convento+Santa+Catalina&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Hotel Meson del Valle   Rates from 65 USD
User Rating:  4.3   (Read 34 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Hotel+Meson+del+Valle&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Hotel Las Camelias Inn   Rates from 43 USD
User Rating:  3.9   (Read 20 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Hotel+Las+Camelias+Inn&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Hotel Casa Rustica   Rates from 37 USD
User Rating:  4.2   (Read 126 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Hotel+Casa+Rustica&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Hotel San Jorge   Rates from 41 USD
User Rating:  3.5   (Read 12 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Hotel+San+Jorge&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Posada San Vicente   Rates from 34 USD
User Rating:  4.2   (Read 47 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Posada+San+Vicente&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Posada Don Valentino   Rates from 33 USD
User Rating:  4.0   (Read 62 reviews)
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Posada+Don+Valentino&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
Hotel Panchoy   Rates from 45 USD
Copy link: http://www.pilgrimreservations.com/services/reservation/view_destination.php?dest=Hotel+Panchoy&searchregion=Antigua+Guatemala&subcontinent=Guatemala
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