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Top Reviewed Locations:
 Cusco, Peru
 Riobamba, Ecuador
 Sao Paulo, Brazil
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 Peru Ecuador

Top Reviews in Cusco, Peru:

Chakana House Read 1 full review for Chakana House

Nueva Baja 464
I do travel often to Cuzco, as often as I can, and I tend to stay in different hostels. This one is  ...

Tukuna Hostel Read 1 full review for Tukuna Hostel

Calle Arequipa 250
We stayed three nights at at this hostel and we couldn't recommend it highly enough. The rooms were  ...

Del Prado Inn Read all 3 full reviews for Del Prado Inn

Calle Suecia 310
I have just stayed at the Del Prado Inn for 3 nights during a Christmas holiday in Cusco and I enjoy ...
My wife and I really liked this cozy hotel located next to Plaza de Armas, at the heart of Cusco Cit ...
This hotel was small cozy with a perfect location in historical city center, just a few steps from t ...

Hostal Qosqo Read all 3 full reviews for Hostal Qosqo

Portal Mantas Nª 115
Altamente recomendável. Excelente localização, quartos e banheiros limpos e sta ...
great hotel,clean,great location but best of all were the people .everyone was nice and couldnt do e ...
This hostel is located on the second floor mere steps from the main square in Cuzco. The reception f ...

Hostal Qorichaska Read all 2 full reviews for Hostal Qorichaska

Calle Nueva Alta Nº 458
Estoy de vuelta de trabajo por los Estados Unidos despues de mi viaje por Peru, estuve visitando var ...
In my stay in the city of cusco me staying at this beautiful hotel that I love enough for the treatm ...

Alfredo's Palace Read 1 full review for Alfredo's Palace

St. Triunfo 373
Nice Hotel, good service and cleaness  Very well ubicated ...

Orquidea Real Hostal Cusco Read all 57 full reviews for Orquidea Real Hostal Cusco

Calle Alabado 520 San Blas
Bed and breakfast
Good location, pretty rooms, staff helpful ...
Place was clean and great value for the price. Stayed at another hostel. This place was significantl ...
Please see ranking below. ...

Quechua Hostal Read all 2 full reviews for Quechua Hostal

Chaparro 173-D, San Pedro
Room for 3 was nice, comfortable.....welcome was friendly and efficient. However, be forewarned. I ...
I was in a Peru, in Cuzco for 1 month in January, I found the Quechua hostel from the Hostel Travele ...

Hostal El Triunfo Read all 5 full reviews for Hostal El Triunfo

Triunfo Street 379
Great stay at Hostel El Triunfo. We were met at the airport and had an easy transfer to the Hostel  ...
Nice place with attentive staff. Request a room not facing the street. Street noise is constant into ...
We booked for 2 nights and ended up staying for over a week! The location is unbeatable! Steps awa ...

Sumac Wasi Read all 83 full reviews for Sumac Wasi

Procuradores 366
Bed and breakfast
Arrived to Cusco Airport ( I waited Hotel´s transportation for 30 minutes)  Hotel:Old buildi ...
Mi estadia fue muy agradable, sin ningún tipo de inconvenientes, me hicieron sentir muy c&oac ...
Got a price through this web site, which the manager/owner didn't want to honor, she said it was a m ...

Top Reviews in Riobamba, Ecuador:

Hotel Glamour Read all 7 full reviews for Hotel Glamour

1Ra Constituyente 37-85 Y Brasil
The staff at this hotel are very nice and very helpful. Speak english very well.    Hotel itself ...
Gran potencial en las instalaciones para tener un hotel de gran calidad. Lamentablemente, está ...
When we arrived, the owner immediately upgraded our room, so our experience may not be typical. The  ...

Top Reviews in Sao Paulo, Brazil:

Hostel Alice Read 1 full review for Hostel Alice

Rua Harmonia 1275, Vila Madalena
Everything was pretty much perfect with our stay at this hostel. Very comfortable and clean. The att ...

O De Casa Read all 3 full reviews for O De Casa

Rua Alves Guimarães, 321
A perfect place to stay in SP. Clean and friendly. It feels like home there :) when I go to SP again ...
At the outside it looks just a normal house, and we thought we had the wrong adresse. But we justed  ...
Very friendly and helpful staff. Safe area of Sao Paulo. Airport pick up was very good.   They ans ...

Olah Hostel Read all 2 full reviews for Olah Hostel

Rua Alceu Wamosy, 40
Very good comfort rooms with a budget price. The location is near the São Paulo downtown inte ...
Its located in a very nice location, pretty close to a subway station, supermarket, bars & resta ...

Hostel And Pousada Sao Paulo Read all 2 full reviews for Hostel And Pousada Sao Paulo

Avenida Rebouças, 1015 - Jardins
A basic facility that provides a safe haven for travelers.   Pros:  The place is very clean. Roo ...
well, I cannot really judge the hostal cause i couldn´t realize the check in. I made a reserva ...

Hostel Vergueiro Read all 2 full reviews for Hostel Vergueiro

Rua Vergueiro, 434
O Albergue localizado Vergueiro esta bem, acho que esta é a unica vantagem da hospedagem, pq  ...
The hostel has large clean rooms, some with balconies. They are newly decorated. The owner is very ...
We stayed only one night en route to catch a cruise out to Santos. The location was ideal for us. T ...

Oca Hostel Read 1 full review for Oca Hostel

Rua Manuel De Paiva, 147
Bom dia.  As informações, tem linguagem em "regionalismo", e principalment ...

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