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Самые дешевые цены:

L'viv, Ukraine

Old City Hostelцены от UAH 150
L'viv, Beryndy, 3   
Общежитие - Лучшие общежития во Львове
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Cats' House Hostelцены от €6
L'viv, 20 Saksaganskogo Str., Flat 4   
Hostel - We will do our best to make you feel like at home. And our multiple artificial cats will help us to do this because a cat is a symbol of home atmosphere and coziness!
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2 Lions Hostel Lvivцены от €7
L'viv, 12Th Sichovykh Striltsiv Str., Apt. 19   
Hostel - 2 LIONS Hostel located absolutly in the city center, is a perfect place to discover the old European city - Lviv, heart of western Ukraine, with it's special culture.
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Hostel 3Plus2цены от €7
L'viv, Vyzka Str 3   
Hostel - Hostel '3+2' is in a new hostel in the center of Lviv. Our position on a street Vyzka, 3 (separate house) is perfect for backpacks and travelers with a car,w e have parking places for cars. Hostel '3+2' offers 4 rooms : 2 twin room, one room with 4 bed
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Hostel del Pozitiffцены от UAH 250
L'viv, Rynok Square, 13   
Hotel - This hostel is located at Rynok Square, right in Lviv city centre. Rooms at Hostel del Pozitiff Lviv feature individual design, bright colours and stylish wooden floors. We offer a high level of service and comfort at an affordable price.
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The Kosmonaut
Пользовательская оценка:  4.6   (Читать 4 отзывы)
цены от €9
L'viv, 4 Tomashivskoho St.   
Хостел - Kosmonaut приветствует попутчики пространства на новой границе свободног
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Classic Hostelцены от €9
L'viv, Str. Saksahanskogo 20\5   
Hostel - К FEEL HOMISH! Мы создаем комфортный отдых для вас. "CLASSIC" Хостел расположен в центральной части древнего города Львов.
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Uyta Lviv Hostels Liveцены от €10
L'viv, Popovycha 2   
Hostel - Чистота и весело общежития в центре города
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Lviv Central Hostelцены от $15
L'viv, Danyla Halitskogo Sq. ( Near Opera & Balley Theatre )   
Квартира - Hocntk si centre of Lviv, Хостел в центре Львова
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Cherry Hostel Lvivцены от $15
L'viv, Kostushka Street 5   
Hostel - The fresh taste of comfort will give you a bright modern design of rooms, because "Cherry Hostel" is a brand-new pro-european hostel, waiting for its travelers!
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Apple Hostel
Пользовательская оценка:  3.5   (Читать отзывы)
цены от €13
L'viv, Gazova 32   
Hostel - Apple Hostel is a new hostel in city-centre of Lviv with capability for large groups - up to 70 persons today and even more in the future. Each room has capability for 8-12 people and per room there is a separate shower, toilet and a hands basin.
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Kharkiv, Ukraine

Sputnikцены от UAH 160
Kharkiv, Ukraine, Kharkov, Kontorskaja Str. 9 Ft 3   
Hostel - Hostel SPUTNIK is a first design hostel in Kharkov, which was opened in 2017.
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Carnaval Resort and Spa
Пользовательская оценка:  3.0   (Читать отзывы)
цены от UAH 250
Kharkiv, 2, Monastyrskaya Str., V. Koropovo   
Отель - "Carnaval Resort & SPA" является 4-звездочный отель развлекательный комплекс, который не имеет альтернативы в уровень комфорта, разнообразие предоставляемых услуг и совершенствование территории отеля.
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Charming Apartmentsцены от UAH 260
Kharkiv, Sumskaya 13   
Apartment - Charming Apartments in the centre of Kharkov
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Kiev, Ukraine

Hotel-Hostel Veselkaцены от UAH 160
Kiev, Volodymyrska 42A, 4 Floor   
Hostel - Veselka Hostel offers you nice and friendly accommodation in private and dorm rooms in the heart of Kiev, where the design and the unique social space create a special atmosphere. Come and stay at the one of the best and coziest hostel in town
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Smart Hostelцены от UAH 170
Kiev, 12, Predslavinskaya Str.   
Общежитие - Дешевый хостел в Киеве
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Kiev Central Station Hostelцены от €6
Kiev, 25 Hoholivs' Ka   
Hostel - The main backpackers hostel of Kiev since 2007 still rocking in town
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Test Hotelioцены от UAH 220
Kiev, Mystreet   
Hotel - New hotel in the city center.
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Tiu Kreschatik Hostelцены от UAH 258
Kiev, Khreschatyk Street, 8Б   
Hostel - We're right on Kreschatik, the most central street in Kiev, with free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and more!
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Why Not Hostel Kievцены от UAH 289
Kiev, 30A Saksahans' Koho Str   
Hostel - We are centrally located in a pleasant and green area of the city. We are a sociable hostel rather than a party hostel but organise regular nights out for those who want to party all night.
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Levoberegna Houseцены от UAH 300
Kiev, Rusanivska Naberegna 22   
Guesthouse - Guesthouse
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ZigZag Hostel
Пользовательская оценка:  4.5   (Читать отзывы)
цены от €10
Kiev, 3A Hor' Koho Str., 6Th Floor, Apt. 18 ( Door Code 18)   
Hostel - If you're looking for a fun, fresh and friendly place to stay then look no further: ZigZag Hostel is the ideal place for you!
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Kiev Hostelцены от $15
Kiev, Artema Street   
Hostel - Hostel in Kiev downtown
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Hostel Bravoцены от €13
Kiev, Dovnar-Zapolskogo Str. 2/20, 35 App   
Hostel - We know how important a real comfort with a pleasant atmosphere at low cost. That's why "Hostel Bravo" opens its doors to weary travelers, tourists, visitors and residents of the capital.
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Fanzone Hostelцены от €15
Kiev, Zhylianska St. 53   
Hostel - FanZone Hostel, Kiev Ukraine
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Donets'k, Ukraine

Naberegnaya Streetцены от RUB 600
Donets'k, Ворошиловский Район   
Homestay - 1 ком.кв. Центр города,Набережная
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1st Donetsk Hostelцены от $15
Donets'k, Dzerjinskogo Ave. 6/165   
Hostel - 1st Donetsk Hostel is situated in the city-centre, in a quite place. We offer you 4 rooms, shared bathroom, WC, fully equipped kitchen and our hospitality.
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Odesa, Ukraine

Lafa Hostelцены от UAH 260
Odesa, Hrets' Ka Str. 50, Ap. 12   
Hostel - Hostel “Lafa” is the one with the most comfortable conditions, and with the cheapest prices in whole town. As we say in Odessa: “Wish I lived like this!”
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Daily Roomцены от UAH 300
Odesa, Ул. Пышоновская   
Other - двухкомнатная квартира,1-я комната 16м2;2-я комната 18м2.,кухня 16м2,туалет,ванн
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Tiu Frontpage Hostelцены от €11
Odesa, Apt 4   
Hostel - Top Rated Backpacker & Traveller hostel located in the heart of the Historic district. Safe and Secure. Fast WiFi, Free Lockers, Linen, Coffee/Tea. 3 showers and 3 WCs. Hot Water. English Speaking: No Crowding, No Hidden Charges, No Gimmicks.
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Star-2 Hostelцены от $14
Odesa, Osipova 5. Apt 5   
Hostel - Best hostel in Odessa
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Tokyo Star Hotelцены от UAH 390
Odesa, 1A Vodoprovodnaya St   
Отель - Уютная гостиница в центре Одессы
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Odessa City Centerцены от UAH 480
Odesa, Lane Vice Admiral Zhukov 4, Odessa, Ukraine. 65000   
Apartment - Apartments are located in the heart of the city - in 2 minutes to the street Deribasovskaya. Private apartments with bathroom, fully equipped kitchen where guests can prepare their own meals. Free Wi Fi, private bathroom.
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Sudak, Ukraine

Elser Mini-Hotelцены от $10
Sudak, Ul. Gasprinskogo, 5   
Resort - Elser mini-hotel located in Sudak - resort town in Ukraine, well known for its ancient Genoese fortress and situated on the Black Sea coast of Crimean peninsula. We offer range types of well-furnished rooms.Black Sea in a short walk away
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Uzhhorod, Ukraine

Izumrud Hotel
Пользовательская оценка:  4.4   (Читать отзывы)
цены от UAH 380
Uzhhorod, Malokamyana Str., 10   
Отель - Комплекс состоит из 2 зданий отеля, ресторан, банкетный зал, летний сад, сауна, 2 автостоянки
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Самые дешевые отели, отели, и бюджет путешествия в Ukraine - Pilgrim Reservations.

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