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Taipei, Taiwan

Life is like a BOX of Chocolates
사용자 선호도:  4.4   (독서 143 리뷰)
속도에서 TWD 700
Taipei, 12F, No. 49, Sec. 2, Roosevelt Rd.   
호스텔 - 초콜릿 상자 귀여운, 따뜻하고 친절한 있습니다. 그것은 이상적으로 NTNU (시다 대학) 옆의 조용한 ane 오른쪽에 위치하고 있습니다. 그것은 타이 페이에서 최고의 자리, 그 유명한시다 야시장에 1min 산책과 가장 가까운 MRT (지하철) 역에서 도보 3min
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Hostel Taiwanmex속도에서 TWD 630
Taipei, 2-F No. 18-1 Lane 18 Nanjing W. Rd.   
Guesthouse - Witch Hostel are Backpackers Dreaming of ????
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Happy Family
사용자 선호도:  4.5   (독서 5 리뷰)
속도에서 TWD 400
Taipei, 2F, No. 2, Lane 56, Zhongshan North Road Sec. 1   
숙소 - 중앙 타이 페이에 쉽게 대부분의 명소에 도시와 £변에 대만에 도달하고있는 친절 숙소
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Rising Sun Surf Inn
사용자 선호도:  4.7   (독서 26 리뷰)
속도에서 TWD 500
Taipei, 236 Bin Hai Rd. Sec. 2   
Hostel - Rising Sun Surf Inn is right on the beach in beautiful Wai'ao Beach, Taiwan. We are in Yilan county about a 1hr. drive east of Taipei. Wai'ao train station is directly across the street from the hostel. Escape the city and love the beach!
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Girl House속도에서 TWD 600
Taipei, 3F No. 195 Huayin Street Taipei City   
Apartment - Girl HouseBackpackers
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Fun Taipei Hostel속도에서 TWD 1,000
Taipei, No. 170, Shida Road   
Hostel - Welcome to Fun Taipei Hostel :)
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Bottles' N Ocean Youth Hostel속도에서 TWD 500
Taipei, No. 12-9, Kuei-Zhu-Wei,   
홈스테이 - 병 - 앤 오션 유스 호스텔 - 우리가 Danshui의 시골에서 자연 애호가의 첫번째 홈 스테이가 된 것을 자랑스럽게 생각하고 있습니다.
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SleepBox Hostel속도에서 TWD 500
Taipei, 34 Hengyang Road   
Hostel - It's my dream box
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We Come Hostel속도에서 TWD 475
Taipei, 2F, No. 26, Gangu Street   
Hostel - Best value for money hostel for international backpackers with convenient location
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Taipei Backpackers Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.8   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 $11
Taipei, 2f,#113, Kunming St.   
Hostel - Taipei BackPackers is located in the lively Ximending area that is fun always.
온라인 요청
Taipei Green Hostel
사용자 선호도:  3.6   (독서 2 리뷰)
속도에서 TWD 400
Taipei, 1f., No.11, Alley 12, Lane 84,sec. 3, Roosevelt R, 100, Taip   
Hostel - If you would like to visit Taipei City, and you are interested in a good deal for your accommodation – Taipei Green Hostel is what you are looking for! Taipei Green Hostel offers you the best solution for a reasonable price and in convenient locatio
온라인 요청
Tree House Hostel속도에서 TWD 880
Taipei, No. 11, Lane 11, Sector 1,   
숙소 - 훌륭한 위치와 우수한 가격! 당신의 휴가에서 휴가를 경험 어서, 타이 페이 트리 하우스 숙소에있는 따뜻하고 친절한 atmophere를 즐겨보세요!
온라인 요청
Taipei Ximen Zebra Apartments속도에서 TWD 330
Taipei, 1 F No. 13, Lane. 29, Xichang Street., Wanhua District   
숙소 - 박 NT390
온라인 요청
Vivian Home속도에서 TWD 500
Taipei, 4F.-1, No. 765, Minzu E. Rd.,   
Hostel - Vivian Home is near Taipei Songshan Airport, provides females a cozy, safe and clean accommodation.
온라인 요청
Banana Hostel속도에서 TWD 650
Taipei, 2F., No. 7, Sec. 2, Jinshan S. Rd.   
Hostel - The most cozy and lovely place you can stay in Taipei! "Banana Hostel"
온라인 요청
Happy Go속도에서 TWD 650
Taipei, 2F., No. 11, Lane 72, Sec. 2, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongsha   
Hostel - Happy Go is located in the center of Taipei city and we are newly opened in May, 2014. MRT Shuanglian Station is within walking distance (3 minutes/210M), and there is a direct bus from Taoyuan Airport.
온라인 요청
Homey Hostel Downtown속도에서 TWD 570
Taipei, 7F, No. 180 Changan W. Rd   
Hostel - Homey Hostel Downtown is conveniently located near Taipei Main Train Station, the hostel is designed with comfortable ambience and cozy style in order to provide you best stay in Taipei.
온라인 요청
Emma's Taipei House속도에서 $50
Taipei, 3f, No. 23, Lane 71, Chih-yuan 1st Road, Sec 2,   
아파트 - 새로 고품질 유기농 침구, 욕실, 창고 많은 방을, 사무실, 대형 옷장, 편안한 침대 (들) 생활 중간 크기 등 600평방피트와 타이 페이 스튜디오 아파트 개조.
온라인 요청
Li-Xiang Hostel속도에서 TWD 1,200
Taipei, Da’An Dist.,   
Hostel - Taipei
온라인 요청
Backpacker's Inn속도에서 TWD 660
Taipei, No. 84, Huaining St   
Hostel - Backpacker's Inn is located in city center and next to Taipei Station where is the transportation center in Taipei. It is all equipped hostel with clean and comfortable dorms.
온라인 요청

Taichung, Taiwan

Lis Hostel
사용자 선호도:  4.3   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 TWD 575
Taichung, No. 13, Ln. 143, Youyuan S. Rd., Longjing Dist.   
Hostel - Travel is our passion, so as your host we'll work our hardest to ensure your time in Taiwan is the most fascinating and unforgettable experience.
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T-Life Hostel속도에서 TWD 500
Taichung, No. 10, Alley 27, Xinxing Road, Longjing Dist.,   
Hostel - T-Life is 5 min walk away from Tunghai Night Market and 15 min walk away from Tunghai University, so you can totally feel the vibe of Taiwanese college students here.
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Tainan City, Taiwan

Tainan Bed and Breakfast속도에서 TWD 1,000
Tainan City, No. 371, Dongfeng Road   
Inn - DongFeng Inn is located near by the National Cheng Kung University 、 Tainan train station 、 Chih-Kan building 、 Confucian Temple 、 Anping Old Street 、 Tree House 、 Tait & Co., Ltd and the most cheerful night market,
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Tainan, Taiwan

Easyinn Hostel속도에서 $17
Tainan, No. 343, Chenggong Road   
Hostel - EasyInn hostel provides from single to 10 bed dorm, and you will enjoy our clean and safe environment, friendly staff, common room, and available FREE WIFI signal in all area.
지금 예약
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Iris Tower Hostel속도에서 TWD 500
Tainan, 14F.-2, No. 53, Sec. 2, Lin-An Rd., North Dist.,   
Hostel - We’re a very simple hostel and based on our experience,'HOTEL STYLE'guests aren’t satisfied with us much. If you’re always stay in the 'HOTEL', please kindly consider carefully to stay here,thank you. Our Backpackers is located in the h
온라인 요청

Sioulin, Taiwan

Hualien Taroko Yu's Homestay BB속도에서 TWD 2,300
Sioulin, No. 1-16, Fushih, Sioulin Township,   
Homestay - charming property by the mountains, Hualien Taroko YU's B&B offers rooms and wooden cabins with free Wi-Fi. Suitable for couples and group travellers alike, it is a short 3-minute drive from Taroko National Park.
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Taitung City, Taiwan

Taitung Papillon Hostel속도에서 TWD 600
Taitung City, No. 16-1, Aly. 17, Ln. 338, Sec. 1,   
Hostel - affordable, even cheap accommodation at Taitung house/hostel in Fugang Harbor
지금 예약
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Kaohsiung, Taiwan

TripGG Hostel속도에서 TWD 400
Kaohsiung, 6F., No. 117, Zhongshan 1St Rd., Xinxing Dist,   
Hostel - Only 10 meter away from Formosa Boulevard MRT station. Night market, Shopping area, tourist spots and public transportation (train, coach, and metro) are just nearby.
지금 예약
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Sanduo Business Hotel속도에서 TWD 1,080
Kaohsiung, No. 107 Sanduo 3rd Rd.   
호텔 - Sanduo 비즈니스 호텔은 배낭 및 예산 여행자를위한 돈을 위해 가치
온라인 요청
The Tree House속도에서 TWD 2,892
Kaohsiung, No. 132, Liouhe 2Nd Rd., Cianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City 80141   
Hotel - The Tree House Hotels opened on 2014. At the Kaohsiung city center. We offer 72 rooms and each room is unique with special design features, there are 10 design in our hotel.
온라인 요청

Ch'i-li-an, Taiwan

Seapoint B and B Guest House
사용자 선호도:  3.0   (독서 리뷰)
속도에서 TWD 1,500
Ch'i-li-an, No: 86 San-Jen Road, Rueifang Township, Chin-Kua-Shin   
숙박 및 아침 식사 - 우리는 이곳이 당신에게 바로 여기 있어요 음 ... 원인으로 당신의 특별한 취향과 타협하지 않는 성격을 믿지 마세요!
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